Sophie Tentrop lived across the world before finding her way to Home of the Sparrow. After working in Africa on the United Nation’s new global development agenda to alleviate poverty around the world, she was ready to go local. Seeing the devastating impact of poverty, she made it a priority to support the women and children in our own community. Everybody should have a safe place to call home, especially in Chester County – Pennsylvania’s wealthiest region.

Sophie Tentrop loves to explore

In addition to her travel bug, Sophie has a never-ending love for horseback riding. When she is not surrounded by horses, she feels happiest roaming the woods hiking, climbing and camping. She loves to explore and to learn new skills. Did you know that she got her M.A. in Global Studies at the same University as German Chancellor Angela Merkel?

We can end homelessness for women and children in Chester County, and everyone needs to know about it

Sophie is convinced that homelessness for women and children can be ended in Chester County and she wants everyone to know about it. She loves how passionate people become when they learn about homelessness.

Contact Sophie at stentrop@homeofthesparrow.org