When Carolyn McKenna-Sloat joined the Home of the Sparrow family in 2014, it felt like coming home. She worked in the International Development Sector for 11 years. Following that, Carolyn fell in love with the idea of being ‘on the ground’. At Home of the Sparrow, she directly sees what every cent does to support single women, mothers and children in our community.

Carolyn McKenna-Sloat is fearless

Carolyn spent years traveling across Asia, Africa and Latin America. There, she helped children in need of surgery. What she carried over to Home of the Sparrow is her fearless belief that we can make change happen. We just need to commit to it. Originally from Norfolk, she was amazed when she experienced the dedication in Chester County to make this community a better place.

Growth and strategic leadership

Her strategic leadership made it possible for Home of the Sparrow to grow significantly over the past years. Her brilliant work as Director of Development continues to bring us closer to our goal to end homelessness for women and children in Chester County.

Contact Carolyn at cmckenna@homeofthesparrow.org