Decade to Doorways

In 2012, The Chester County Department of Community Development instituted a 10-year strategic plan to prevent and ultimately end homelessness in Chester County.  The plan, Decade to Doorways, advocates moving families and individuals into independent housing as soon as possible. It does so while providing vital wrap-around services plus limited subsidies to help families maintain and sustain living in their own home.  The mission of Home of the Sparrow directly aligns with this plan. Home of the Sparrow has already made great strides to advance our programs so that we may help additional women and children through these initiatives.

Dr. Lindsey Marshall

Cosmetic Dentistry + Smile Artistry

Dr. Lindsey Marshall donates her time and services to help women in Home of the Sparrow’s programs with their dental needs. For more information, please click here to visit her website.

Whitford Charitable Fund

The Whitford Charitable Fund’s mission is to give back to our community by making distributions for charitable purposes to nonprofit organizations and other causes. To learn more about the Whitford Charitable Fund Classic from September 14-17, click here.