We provide supportive housing services to single women and mothers who are experiencing homelessness or in danger of losing their homes.


We believe in the power of education and financial literacy as a tool to gain financial self-sufficiency and long-term housing stability. 


We provide a long-term safety net, access to crucial resources and trauma-informed support.

Women and children prevented from eviction in 2016/17
Women and Children served in 2016/17
Volunteers in 2016/17


A Safe Home For The First Time In Years

A Safe Home for the First Time in Years

When You Don't Feel Safe in Your Home Violence and abuse in relationships is one…

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Home Of The Sparrow’s Annual Holiday Party

Home of the Sparrow’s Annual Holiday Party

Our annual Holiday party is the biggest event for our participants every year. This makes…

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Happy Holidays From Our C.E.O. – Michelle E. Venema

Happy Holidays from our C.E.O. – Michelle E. Venema

Dear Friends, Happy Holidays! What an exciting year of change it has been here at…

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5 Reasons Why Women In Their 50s Face Homelessness In Chester County

5 Reasons why women in their 50s face homelessness in Chester County

In our 50s, we all want to be at a point where we have financial…

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